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O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 14



The Child of Thunder 14

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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Ogbanje was speechless when she saw Ebuka emerging from the back of a tree.
“Ebuka, how did you know I will be here? And I don’t understand how those men died? What did you do to them?” Ogbanje sounded confused.
“Fetch your water first. I will explain everything you need to know on our way home” Ebuka calmed her.
Ogbanje quickly filled up her Udu (earthen pot) and made to carry it on her head when Ebuka took it from her and carried it with one of his palms.
“Let us start going” Ebuka said in a cool voice.
“So explain yourself” Ogbanje reminded him. She couldn’t hold herself anymore and Ebuka wasn’t helping matters at all by his silence after walking some distance.
“Do you believe that gods can walk among mortals?” Ebuka said. He stopped and turned to face Ogbanje.
His height was overshadowing her. His dark ebony skin did not only glow but scent roses that could turn a lady on.
Ogbanje could clearly see how handsome Ebuka was. And for the very first time in her life, she began to feel sexually attracted to Ebuka.
She wanted him to touch her sensitivity, a places no one had ever touched. She wanted to move forward and unite her body with his body.
Her firm round breast suddenly erected when she thought how Ebuka hands would fit around it. She felt something between her womanhood. She snapped out of her day dreaming when Ebuka coughed out in pretense.
Ogbanje quickly blushed.
She was thankful that the day hasn’t yet brighten up.
“Do you?” Ebuka asked slowly. He was smiling as if he already knew what Ogbanje was thinking. He was happy that Ogbanje was thinking about him romantically.
His question from earlier registered within her mind.
Clearing her throat so her charming voice be audible.
“I don’t know Ebuka. I haven’t met one” she replied.
“But what if you have? What if it was someone you’ve known all your life”
“I don’t get you Ebuka, please be specific, what are you trying to say”
Ebuka dropped the Udu (Earthen pot) on the ground and turned back to look at Ogbanje once more. He moved closer, so close that their nose where nearly touching. They both felt something.
He smiled when Ogbanje didn’t move as he came within her space.
He lifted up his hands and gently place his palms on both side of Ogbanje cheeks, staring into the lustful eyes of Ogbanje.
“What if I told you I am the one, my Alaolisa” Ebuka said softly as he stared deeply into Ogbanje’s eyes.
Ogbanje’s ears pricked up as she heard that name.
“What are you talking about Ebuka and why are you speaking out of blue? Who is Alaolisa? Why do I keep hearing that name? Who is she to you?” Ogbanje shouted, she needed to know who the strange lady was.
She was jealous of this Alaolisa.
“It’s a long story Ada, a very long story…”.
“Which we have all the time in the world to talk about it”. Ogbanje interrupted Ebuka whose face was filled with smile.
“I know, but first we must finish all your house chores at your father’s compound. Then head to my place”.

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“Who are you?” Obinnwanne asked the stranger who had suddenly appeared to him early that morning.
He had changed his mind the previous night about letting his men kidnap Ogbanje that night. He rather told them to go very early the next day which was today to lay an ambush on Ogbanje as she usually wakes up to fetch from Udum village stream.
He was awaiting the return of his men when the stranger suddenly walked angrily into his compound.
“I will once again ask you. Who are you and what are you doing so early in my hut?” Obinnwanne asked the stranger who had remained quite since he stepped into his compound.
Ikemefuna (Ikenga) smiled mischievously at the confuse man.
“Why did you send your men to lay ambush on her?”
Feigning innocent but his eyes were betraying him.
“I don’t know what you are talking about”
Ikemefuna (Ikenga) nodded his head. He raised one of his hands and swung it to right. A defending slap sounded on the cheek of Obinnwanne.
Obinnwanne yelled in pain, his eyes suddenly laced with tears.
Ikemefuna swung his other arm again to the left and this time around the slap threw him away as his back connected with the mud of his hut.
Obinnwanne cried out in pains, screaming for help. He thought his pandemonium noise would attract villagers to his compound but he was wrong.
Ikemefuna (Ikenga) had already known what would happen so he made sure no one else would hear his screaming except him.
“You, a mere mortal wants to kidnap and rape my Ada and force her to become your wife? Obinnwanne, don’t dare me”
“But I still do not know what you are talking about” Obinnwanne requested to know the cause of his punishment.
“Do not lie to me Obinnwanne. I am Ikenga, the god of war. The god who fight for what is his. I came here to warn you to stay away from my heart. Let this be the last time you will make any advances at my Ada. Do I make myself clear or should I be more specific?” Ikemefuna (Ikenga) charged at Obinnwanne in response.
Obinnwanne shook his head that was filled with pains. “No, I won’t near that witch you call Ada ever again. Now, please leave my hut” Obinnwanne begged, trying to shout but the pains he felt from his two cheeks were painful.
Ikemefuna (Ikenga) was satisfied with his answers and nodded his head in affirmation.
“If you go back against your word then do not blame me on what will happen to you and your entire household. Leave Adaolisa for me. She is mine and mine alone”.
Obinnwanne nodded his head without arguing.
Ikemefuna (Ikenga) ran out of the hut.
Obinnwanne quickly ran inside amidst in fear and pains.
His two jaws has suddenly swollen up.

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“What is this again. How can the poison not taking any effect on Ogbanje?” Adaku asked no one in particular. She was inside her hut, seated on her bamboo bed as she pondered in thoughts. Uzochi and Ugochi had followed Okoro to the farm after Okoro had insisted the two girls followed him to the farm.
“All they know how to do is to eat my food and filled up the toilet. But for them to follow me and work for the food will be hard for them. I have had enough of their laziness and whether they like it or not they would follow him to the farm”. Okoro had told Adaku before taking Uzochi and Ugochi along with him.
Adaku was left alone. Ogbanje and Ebuka had gone to on their way.
The poison placed in her food would have made her weaker as the days running by rather she was getting vibrant and more stronger than before.
What would she do to clear off Ogbanje once and for all. The girl is proven to be more stubborn.
“No I have to do something quick” Adaku said quickly as she stood up from her bamboo bed. “Now is the time to turn Ebuka against Ogbanje”. She added as she uncovered a black calabash under her bed.
She laughed out as she raise up the calabash.
“Go, go and make Ebuka turn against Ogbanje to kill her”


Nnenna’s Hut: (Later in the day)

“You can tell me, I am all ears now”. Ogbanje said as she and Ebuka were eating roasted yam with fried red oil that was garnish with onions, pepper etc.
Nnenna had been so happy on seeing Ogbanje.
She had grown to like Ogbanje and had even start calling Ogbanje her daughter in law.
She, then left with Ebuka’s siblings to the farm, leaving Ebuka and Ogbanje alone.
“Okay. I will tell you Ada from the beginning. Let me begin with, I am Amadioha, the voice that had been speaking to you”
The look on Ogbanje face showed that she didn’t believe it.
“You Amadioha? You are the one that has been speaking to me? I don’t believe you Ebuka. Stop playing around and tell me how you manage to kill those four men that tried to attack me this morning?”

To Be Continued….

Story by Ifeoma Okeke


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Nora lay on the bed watching her favorite Latin American movie series “Second Chance”. She heard a soft knock on the door.

“Come in!” she said without looking at the door her eyes still fixed on the TV, thinking it was one of the maids.

She turned to look at who had entered and she was startled to see a brown complexion tall young man standing by the door, his clean white teeth exposed as he smiled at her.

“Sorry if I got you scared?” Nathan said in a low tone.

“ actually I wasn’t expecting seeing you. I thought it was one of the house workers.” She responded.

“It’s okay” Nathan said. “I just came in, I’m Nathan” he introduced himself.

Nora could see the resemblance with Joe. “You must be Mr Aloba’s son” She said smiling as they shook hands.

“Dr Aloba” she added. “I am Nora am sure your father has told you about my coming here.” She smiled.

“Yes he has, ” Nathan told her. “But please call me Nathan, no need for the titles.

“Alright” Nora nodded..

“And if you don’t mind I would like to hear more about my dad’s condition?” he asked her after some seconds of silence.

Nora got the file and explained the details to Nathan. He nodded as he looked through the file in his hands.

“So what are the chances of him walking again?” He asked when she has finished her explanation.

“Well, we leave it to God but he has a fifty-fifty chance. I will have to take him back to the hospital for check ups every month. We are doing all we can to help your father, doctor,” she told him..

“Nathan” , he corrected her.

“Oh yeah sorry” she said.

“I’m glad you are here Nora, really I was worried about my father but having you around is surely good for him. Please let me know if anything comes up okay?” Nathan said

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“Sure I will, Nathan” she said feeling a bit uncomfortable addressing him by his name.

“Let me not interupt you any further” Nathan told Nora. “I need to go and rest a while, I am sure we’ll have more time to discuss more. I will be here for a week or more.”

“Have a good night rest” Nora said smiling.

Nathan walked out, he couldn’t help admire how beautiful Nora was, her soft jean and floral top she wore fitted her so well revealing her perfect shape. Her light skin tone and round face were unresistable. But he had to put his head in order. She is here to do her job and nothing else. Moreover, she would soon leave and go back to wherever she came from.

He removed his clothes and walked to the gym in the room across the living room for some exercise in his before going to take a bath.

Twenty minutes later, Nora walked to the kitchen to take a cup of water. She could hear some noise in the other room. She walked in and found Nathan facing the window with headsets plugged in his ears. She watched him for some minutes and silently closed the door not to disturb him. Walking to Joe’s room she saw him reading a book.

“I thought you are sleeping” she told him as she went over to him.

“My dear I couldn’t sleep so I decided to use some time from this book here.” Joe answered.

“I see” she said. “I just came to check on you and see if you needed anything.”

“I’m okay” Joe told her, “And by the the way have you met my son?” Joe asked as she was about to leave the room.

“Yes Sir, we met some minutes ago. He looks like a good person and he also looks like you too.”

Joe laughed. “You’re right, but am sure he’s more handsome than I am right?” He teased..

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“Maybe I’ll say yes” Nora said smiling. “Good night Sir.” Nora added as she closed the door.

Nathan had finished and he walked out meeting Nora by the passage sweating all over his body. “I’m sorry” He apolgised. “I didn’t know you are out here. I mean I could have covered up a bit” He said waving his hand across his body.

Nora smiled. “It’s okay, it’s good to take some day’s stress off.”

“Yeah” Nathan nodded as he walked passed her to his room.

Somewhere at the heart of Asaba town, Nosa walked in his bedroom, he smiled at his wife as she covered herself on the bed reading a Bible.

“Honey!” he called Racheal. “Still awake?”

“Of course, How do I sleep when you were still out in the other room watching football?” she giggled.

“You know it’s my favorite team playing.” He said while undressing to join his wife on the bed.

“So have you talked to Nora?” He asked facing her.

“Yes. She called this afternoon that she has moved in with the patient.”

“I see” Nosa said “I hope she will be fine, it’s just that I still look at her as our little girl.”

” Don’t worry, she’s a strong girl and she’s going to be okay I’m sure.” Rachael assured her husband.

Nosa was quite for a while. He remembered years back at the hospital when Racheal was due to give birth. He had waited for a long time outside the labour ward for his wife to give birth. The Doctor came out and told him she was having some complications. He however assured him he would do all he could to save both the baby and mother’s life.

Before he could think further, Racheal patted his cheek, “Hey honey, what is it now?”

“Oh dear, I just remembered what happened years back”

“What exactly?” Racheal asked curiously. “Forget it honey, now is time for you and me to enjoy our time.” He said pulling his wife and kissing her tenderly.

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Racheal woke up suddenly in the early hours of the morning. She had a bad dream of her baby boy Nathan drowning. She was screaming for help as the boy struggled to swim in the pool. She then saw a man ran past her and dived in the water bringing the boy out. He laid him down and squeezed his chest as water sprouted out of his mouth and he coughed. “Thank you so much for saving my son’s life” Racheal told the man with tears in her eyes. The man turned to smile at her and Racheal was shocked .

“Joe!” She screamed “What are you doing here?” She asked, standing up. He didn’t say anything. He just held and caressed her hand and walked away without saying a word and then she woke up sweating profusely. Racheal wiped the sweat on her face as she sat up in the bed.

” What’s wrong?” Nosa asked his wife

“I just had a strange dream honey and I am…..”

“Well forget it” She said.

“I think its just a dream, let me prepare your breakfast” she said kissing him on the lips.

Nosa looked at her and wondered what kind of dream that had made his wife so shocked. Even if she told him, it was nothing as her facial expression had revealed.

He sighed as he stood and flipped through some business accounts records. It has been a tough month but he still had some money to get him some more orders. He had to travel to Cotonou by the end of the week. He wished things where a bit different and that he would find a stable job and make this business a part-time affair.

He walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower before taking his breakfast as he explained to Racheal his plans of purchasing his wares in Cotonou by the end of the week.

To be continued…

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When they got to Joe’s house, Nora helped him to his room. “Use the room opposite the living room second door on your left” Joe directed her.

“The first one is for my son”

“You have a son?” Nora asked Smiling.

“Yeah” Joe responded, “He is a medical doctor, and I am sure you will meet him any time soon”

“and what about your wife?” Nora asked as she applied some cream on his legs.

Joe was silent for a while and then he said, “my wife died seven years ago.

“Oh sorry” Nora said in a soft tone.

“It’s okay” he said.

Nora finished massaging his legs and gave him his medication.

“let me ask the maid to prepare you something to eat ” she told him before leaving the room.

She removed her things and placed them neatly in the wardrobe. She removed her shoes and put on a flat slippers. Nora looked around the room, she could tell from the quality of the furniture of the house and neat display of things that Joe, though she addressed him as Mr Aloba, was wealthy. She started thinking about Mr Joseph Aloba and what could have made him lonely. She could sense sadness in his heart . The only time she saw him smile genuinely was when she had agreed to come take care of him. She couldn’t help but wonder what had transpired between Joe and his son. “If this man has such a beautiful house with servants and all. Why not live together with his only son?”

Shrugging, she decided to let go of such thoughts. “I’m here to work and whatever is going on with this man is not my business”. She sighed as she lay down enjoying the comfort of the bedroom. Smilling, she dialled her mother’s phone number and waited for her to pick.


“Yes mom, I called to tell you I have moved in with the patient I told you about.”

“Oh that’s good Nora, Racheal resplied “How is it going so far.?”

“It’s good mom. I just finished unpacking my things in the room I was given.”

“Thank God sweety. just take care of yourself for us okay? ”

“Yes mom dear” Nora told her.

Someone knocked softly at the door.

” Mom I will talk to you later. I have to go. Give my love to dad and brother.”

“Sure sweety” Racheal answered disconnecting the call.

“Madam!” the maid called out as she opened the door.

“Pease call me Nora ” she corrected her.

“Okay ” the maid smiled, “I came to ask if I can take oga’s food to him now.”

” Let me handle it” Nora said walking her to the kitchen.

She walked in Joe’s room holding a tray of food. Joe had closed his eyes but was not sleeping. he opened his eyes when Nora walked in. “Hello Sir,” she called him “time for food”

He smiled. “I am not hungry but not to waste your effort I will eat something.”

Nora got the small glass table and placed it on the bed and helped Joe to sit right.

“I am going out in case you need anything you just call my name” She said and was about going out when Joe called out.

“No Nora please sit, just get yourself a plate of food and join me here.”

Nora declined the offer but when Joe insisted she took her food and sat on the couch with him.

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“So tell me” Joe cleared his throat, “Are you from around here? I mean Umege.”

Eh..No Sir” she replied. “I am from Edo State but my family came to Asaba for work.”

“That’s nice” Joe said. “So how is Umege so far? ”

“Actually fun” she said nodding her head. “I think I like a few nice places here”

Joe smiled. ” So you have always wanted to be a nurse?”

Nora nodded. “Yes Sir, it is a dream come true. I love what I do”

“I noticed that” Joe added.

“You have something in common with my son Nathan he too had always wanted to help people in the hospital. Despite trying to persuade him to do some business courses and take over the company from me, my late wife always supported and encouraged him. I am sure she could have been proud of him”. He told her

After they finished eating, the maid collected the plates. Joe’s phone rang and Nora excused herself. “I will be in my room” she told him and Joe nodded as he picked the call.

“Yes Nathan. ”

“Hello dad, how are you feeling? ” Nathan asked him.

“much better but I still can’t feel anything from my legs. I did as you suggested, the nurse moved in today”

“Oh great ” Nathan said. “At least you have someone to help you.”

” Glad about that” Joe said.

“Well dad I think I will come stay with you for some days, till next week”. Nathan told his father.

“Your presence means a lot ” Joe told his son. “I will appreciate it.”

” Yeah sure” he responded hanging up.

Later that evening Nathan walked into the house. He went straight to his father’s room and talked to him for a while.

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“So what did the doctor say dad? ” he asked sitting besides him. He noticed his father had lost some weight over the weeks. He felt pity for him. He wished his father had chosen a better path of life. His drinking habits had landed him in this state.

“They are not even very certain I will walk again. I don’t know” he said almost in tears. “I just feel bad my life hasn’t been on the right track for some time now. Maybe God is purnishing me now for my sins.”

Nathan looked at him and felt bad. “Please dad don’t talk like I’m sure you will walk again. I just hope you won’t go back to drinking beer again. It’s high time you let go and let it be something of the past.

Joe sighed. “I know Nathan. I promise to change. I need to work hard and put the company in the right track that’s your inheritance and I want to leave it standing before I die”.

Nathan smiled. ” You don’t have to worry about me father. You gave me education and for me that’s enough. you don’t have to kill yourself with work for me.” Nathan said.

“You are my only son Nathan and most important person I now have left”. Nathan looked at his father, he wondered what he meant as far as he was concerned, his father didn’t love his mother (Nancy) but he kept it to himself..

“Get some rest dad” Nathan told him. “Let me see your nurse and find out one or two things about your condition” he said standing up

“She is in the room next to yours” Joe told him.

To be continued…

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If you miss any episode click here


For Racheal the past 23 years in her marriage with Nosa was fine. They were blessed with two children; a male and a female. Racheal’s decision of abandoning her son years back still haunted her. However, she took solace of the fact that she now have another son, though the boy was a real resemblance of Nosa.

After Five years of their marriage, unfortunately for both Nosa and Rachael, the NGO in Lagos they were working was closed down and they both were jobless. This made them to relocate to Asaba as all efforts to secure job in Lagos proved futile.

Nosa decided to go into business by opening boutique shops in Asaba the Delta state capital where he and his family had now settled. Unfortunately Racheal remained jobless and become a full-time housewife. Nosa struggled to make ends meet, luckily they succeeded in educating their children.

One day, while Rachael was busy doing the laundry at the back yard, her daughter walked up to her and sat near her.

“Mom, I want to apply in the private hospitals and see if I can work as nurse since I completed my course. Dad told me I can apply instead of waiting for government deployment”. Racheal sighed, “I’m so proud of you sweety. I wish you all the best. I’m certain you will do well as a physiotherapist.” she said. Her daughter smiled. “Thank you mother.. I just hope to find something soon enough I can’t even wait to become independent” she laughed.

“Look at you ” Racheal scolded her “You are just 23 and all you talk about is being independent.”

“Well mom, I’m going to be 24 next month remember ” she said smiling. “Oh my dear, it’s as if it was just yesterday when I first held you in my arms. You should have seen your father’s face, he was the happiest man on earth.” Rachael said.

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Racheal suddenly stopped smiling and frowned as she remembered her first son. She wondered how he would have been. “He must be a man now” she thought. “Dear Lord, let him be happy and live a better life different from his father.”

“Mom!” Her daughter called. “What is it? You have sudenly gone quite. Are you okay mum?”

Racheal smiled as she looked at her daughter “I’m fine dear. Go in and prepare lunch, your father and brother must be coming for lunch any time soon.” She said.

“Okay mum.” She answered.

Racheal sighed and wipped the tears that have started dropping in her eyes and continued washing the clothes.

Later, when her husband and son returned, the family sat at the dinning table having lunch.

Nosa broke the silence. “Honey.” He called his wife. “My friend I told you that works at Umege just called me. I had appealed to him to help our girl find a job there and he just confirmed there is a Chinese hospital that is looking for a physiotherapist. So my dear” he said looking at his daughter. “Prepare yourself next week you are going to work in Umege.”

They all expressed delight on hearing this. Their daughter could not hide her excitement at the prospect of working in a Chinese hospital.

One day, after Nora had worked for just five month, she was called to the office of the Director and told to sit. She sat opposite her boss.

“Doctor Ali said “We have a patient who needs your services. He was involved in an accident. It happened as he was driving home drunk a week ago and now he is paralysed waist down. I diagnosed him and I think that with lots of therapy he might walk again.”

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Nora nodded all through as she listened to his boss. He handed her the file. She looked at the the patient’s name “Joseph Aloba” flipping through the pages as she read the records of his illness. Nora walked to the ward to meet her new patient.

She looked at him, a handsome man probably in his Late 40s . She smiled at him as she walked closer and greeted him. “How are you feeling Sir?” she asked him.

Joe turned and looked at her. ” Im not well nurse” he said sadly. “I was told I might never walk again.”

Nora smiled, “Don’t lose hope yet Mr Aloba. If you are strong enough I am sure God will help you walk again.”

She moved to his legs and touched them, pricking his feet with a sharp needle as she observed his facial expression. “Can you feel this?” She asked him

“No” he said shaking his head. “well I will be here to help you through this sir. though it means someone has to be bringing you here everyday for therapy until you feel better.”

Joe shook his head. “I stay alone at the moment my son moved out of the house. That means I have to find someone to help me.” “sure” Nora agreed. “If anything I would recommend a close relative to stay with you so they help you move around the house for the time being.”

After a long talk Joe was convinced he needed someone by his side. He tried to talk to his son to come back and stay with him..


“I will see if I can get some days off dad.” Nathan told his father. ” I cannot promise more. Just hire a nurse to stay with you ” he suggested on phone.

Nathan had visted his father four times after the accident but he was clearly not willing to move in with his father.

The idea of hiring a in nurse at home made sense and Joe requested for Nora from the hospital. Even when he was seriously charged Joe gladly accepted the price. He admired the way Nora encouraged and helped him the past week she was attending to him.

Nora reluctantly agreed, but she had no other option since the hospital required her her services there. She was told she would have her free times as well during the weekends to go out and have her free time.

“Go and work” her parents told her on phone when she called them to complain about her job. “it’s just the same. Only that you will have to stay with the patient for a while. he needs your help” Nosa added. “Thank you mom and Dad” Nora told her parents.

“I have to get a few things from my home” she had told Joe when she was due to resume there.

“My driver will take us both to your house you get your things and then we head home.” he told her.

“Thank you young lady” Joe shook her hand. “you are welcome” Nora smiled, as she pushed his wheelchair down the corridor of the hospital to the parking area.

To be continued…

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